Great Britain

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      This area of the site will provide information on specific issues or periods in the postal history and stamps of Great Britain.

      The aim is to give general information on the section concerned, and whilst we will provide a certain amount of information, generally we will not go in to great detail. If more specialised details are added, these will be expanded on additional pages and links will be provided to navigate through the sections.

      Each of the sections below will link to a sub menu
      In this way the required information should be easy to locate

Pre-stamp - All items from before 6 May 1840     Pre-stamp

Items from before 6 May 1840
Queen Victoria     Queen Victoria
King Edward 7     King Edward 7
King George 5     King George 5
King Edward 8     King Edward 8
King George 6     King George 6
Queen Elizabeth 2     Queen Elizabeth 2