Certificate Database Help and Advice

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      The information on this page is intended to aid you in using the certificate database. The intention is to show you how information can be found, how the database is arranged and the way in which the information is recorded. With this information you should be able to locate most items, not only those with specific numbers, but also those that fall into certain areas.

Information recorded

      Within the database we record the following ...
  • Certificate issuer
  • Certificate number
  • Certificate issue date
  • The text from the certificate
  • Additinal notes / comments
  • A picture of the certificate and
  • A picture of the item

      When searching the database, you can select the section you wish to search from. This feature is useful should you be trying to identify an item where some information only is known or where you are trying to check / confirm a certificate. You can select from the index of names, certificate number and date of issue for the certificate. In other cases you may be looking for certain information, such as official overprints or where an item is related to Haddington, and in this case you would enter 'official' in the search for the certificate text.

General search information

      The search information that is entered into any seach box can be upper or lower case, so you do not have to worry about uppercase letters at the start of names. The search results returned are the same regardless of which (or a combination of both) are used. All the results are shown in number order of the certificate.

Reference codes

      On the search results pages, you will see in the text section of the results displayed a reference code in red type. This is simply to provide us with information should we need to update the details, such as when an illustration is added or date revisions are required.

Search methods

Matching a certificate issuer

      The search option for this is presented as a drop down list. All the options from the database are listed to make selection easier.

Finding by certificate number

      Sometimes items are listed for sale and make reference only to the certificate number. Using this search, you can see if any details are held on the database to make a more informed decission. All certificate numbers have been converted to 9 digits by the addition of leading zeros but entering just the number known will return any matching results (you do not have to add the leading zeros to search).

Finding items where the certificate number is unknown

      Within the database, we have recorded items where the certificate number is unknown. In these cases they have been assigned a number such as xxxxxxxx1. Entering 'X' in the search will show all these items.

Finding items where the certificate details are unknown

      Within the database, we have recorded items where the certificate details are unknown. In these cases the description is taken from the sellers description and the details of the source are noted under the additional comments. All these descriptions start with two stars '**' and entering this into the search for the certificate text will display all such items