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      The information in the database naturally requires the text as found on the various hand stamps to be entered as it appears. This is intentional as it allows the user to search for the details based on what they can see on the postmark in front of them. However, we are aware that some collectors have questions regarding some of the abbreviations that are use on the British postmarks, and as such thought that a listing would be useful ...

      This list covers many of the abbreviations that cause problems, but if you encounter any others that you feel should be added, please contact us with the details

ALO       Army Letter Office
APO       Army Post Office
BAPO       British Army Post Office
BFPO       British Forces Post Office
BMM       British Military Mission
BO       Branch Office
CH       Clearing House
CO       Chief Office
CR       Caladonian Railway
CS       Cannon Street
CX       Charing Cross
DO       District Office
DSC       District Sorting Carriage
DSO       District Sorting Office
ED       Eastern District
EDO       Eastern District Office
EX       Exchange
F & C PP       Foreign & Colonial Parcel Post
FB       Foreign Branch
FBO       Foreign Branch Office
FO       Foreign Office
FPO       Field Post Office
FS       Foreign Section
GNR       Great Northern Railway
GP       General Post
GPO       General Post Office
H & K       Holyhead & Kingstown
HD       Howe Depot
HO       Head Office
HP       Houses of Parliament
House of Peers
HPO       Head Post Office
IB       Inland Branch
IS       Inland Section
KE       King Edward Street
LB & SC       London Brighton & South Coast
LSO       Local Sub Office
Local Sorting Office
MB       Movable Box
Mobile Box
MLO       Mechanised Letter Office
MO & SB       Money Order & Savings Bank
MOO       Money Order Office
MP       Mount Pleasant
MPIS       Mount Pleasant Inland Section
MPO       Mobile Post Office
MPPO       Mount Pleasant Parcel Office
MS       Missent
MTO       Military Telegraph Office
MTP       Mount Pleasant
ND       Northern District
NDO       Northern District Office
NE       North Eastern
NMT       Night Mail Tender
NPB       Newspaper Branch
NWR       North Western Railway
OS       Old Stamp
PDO       Postmans Delivery Office
PHG       Postman Higher Grade
PO       Post Office
PP       Penny Post
Parcel Post
PPO       Parcel Post Office
PSC       Parcel Sorting Carriage
PSO       Postmans Sorting Office
PTS       Postal Training Section
RH       Recieving House
RL       Ride Letter
RLB       Returned Letter Branch
RLO       Returned Letter Office
RMS       Royal Mail Steamer
RO       Registered Office
Railway Office
RPO       Railway Post Office
RSC       Railway Sorting Carriage
RSO       Railway Sorting Office
Railway Sub Office
RST       Railway Sorting Tender
SC       Sorting Carriage
SD       Southern District
SDO       Southern District Office
SM       St Martins Le Grand
SMP       St Martins Place
SO       Stationary Office
Station Office
Sub Office
Sorting Office
ST       Sorting Tender
SWR       South Western Railway
SWDO       South Western District Office
T       Telegraph
TD       Telegraph Department
TO       Telegraph Office
TP       Two Penny
Three Penny
TPO       Travelling Post Office
W       West
WCDO       Western Central District Office
WDO       Western District Office
WR       Willesden Ride