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      Reference material on various topics relating to stamps and postal history can be the greatest aid that a collector assembles.

      Within this section we intend to add items relating to various topics that we hope will provide at leaset some of the details on the subject that you are researching. A picture and simple text description are used to list each subject - and the picture will link to the main page of the section.

Certificates database    Certificate Database

A searchable database of certificates issued for stamps, covers and other philatelic items.
Seach by issuer, number, date of issue or from the certificate text

Where multiple certificates for the same item are know - details are given
Registered labels database    Registration Labels Database

A searchable database of British registration labels.
The intention is to eventually be able to assign labels to specific offices
Irish forerunners    Irish forerunner

Forerunners to the stamps of Ireland.
A fully illustrated guide to the printings and variations.
Irish overprints    Irish overprints

Stamps of Great Britain overprinted for use in Ireland.
A fully illustrated guide to the printings and variations.
Picture library    Picture library

Additional pictures related to topics already in place on this site
These are provided as an supplement to those used in the main pages and may be useful in displays etc.
Philatelic library    An on-line philatelic library

Reference books and study documents mainly in PDF format
Read on-line or save for your own use ....
Philatelic Encyclopedia    Philatelic Encyclopedia

An indexed on-line Philatelic encyclopedia
A general reference for looking up basic information
Philatelic terms / word translated    Translator

Philatelic terms and words translated ....
A quick and easy reference to the most commonly encoutered words