Reference Pictures

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      This section will contain reference pictures that users may find useful in their studies or in the writting up and display of their collections. In order to make the sections easier to use - the pictures are grouped under heading - see below.

Great Britain

   General (flags, maps, buildings etc)
     Sandringham (Colour photograph)
     Symbolic flag of the Army
     Symbolic flag of the Navy
     Symbolic flag of the Royal Air Force
     Map of the Channel Islands

   King George 6
     Admiral of the Fleet (black & white)
     Coat of Arms (black & white)
     Coat of Arms (colour)
     Monogram (G vi R and crown)
     Monogram (King and Queen)
     Queen Elizabeths Standard (black & white)
     Queen Elizabeths Standard (colour)
     Royal Standard (colour)